5 Edible Sweet Treat Favors to Give Away on Your Wedding

If you are trying to decide on the best wedding favor to give your guests on your wedding day, you can never go wrong with sweets. The custom of giving away small tokens of appreciation to wedding guests is a very old one, and wedding favors traditionally consisted of sugar cubes and sweet confections like sugared almonds and chocolate. These days, however, modern wedding favors have become diverse and can range from just about anything, from picture frames or candles to bonsai plants. But as much as you would like to be unique and unconventional with your theme, the classic practice of presenting sweet treats to your guests is one tradition you would certainly want to keep.

1. Chocolate bars
Saying “thank you” to the people who attended your wedding cannot get any yummier than with a bar of chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate and it is one of the most popular foods of all time.

One of the ways to make your chocolate wedding favor a sure hit is by using personalized candy bar wrappers. You can have your picture as a couple printed on the wrapper, together with your wedding date and other details. You can also have some love quotes or witty sayings related to marriage printed on the candy bar wrapper, just to amuse your guests while they munch on the chocolates during the reception program.

It is easy to do and fun at the same time. You can buy bite-sized chocolate bars in bulk, and then you can order your custom candy wrappers from online specialty sites. Simply wrap these over the chocolate bars and you have a personalized wedding favor to tickle your guests’ palates. The best thing about using personalized chocolate bar wrappers is that you can design it after your own wedding theme, and your guests can keep it long after the sweets are gone.

2. Lollipops
Lollipops aren’t just for kids, it’s also for kids-at-heart, especially during weddings! You can have heart-shaped lollies, monogrammed with your initials and the wedding date. Wedding lollipops come in a variety of colors and flavors, and you can have them in shapes that coordinate with your wedding’s theme, like butterfly-shaped lollipops for a garden wedding or seashell-shaped for a beach wedding.

3. Cookies
Cookies make for another great wedding favor treat. You can present them to your guests in personalized boxes or tin cans, again with your picture and wedding date, and just get creative in designing it and picking the colors. The decorative boxes or tin cans in which your cookie wedding favor came can be re-used by your guests for other purposes, like for keeping little trinkets or love letters.

4. Cupcakes
The idea of giving cupcakes as wedding favors stemmed from the fact that not all guests would have the chance to partake of the wedding cake, as some would be leaving the reception even before the cake-cutting part of the program.

Make sure that all your guests would have a delectable experience in your wedding by sending them home with mini cupcakes that match your wedding cake’s color design and flavor. Personalize it further by using custom-made cupcake wrappers with your wedding details on it.

5. Edible bouquets
Weddings abound in fresh blooms, so why not take it a step further and have edible bouquets as favors as well? Opt for fruit-flavored blooms to let you play more with colors, and have them designed after the bride’s bouquet to up the fun factor.

Whatever kind of sweet wedding favor you decide to give your guests on your wedding day, rest assured that everyone would surely enjoy the special treats you prepared. After all, there is nothing better than starting your wedded life off on such a sweet note.