Boy Scout Dessert – The Ultimate Sweet Treat, Trail Mix With Candy

All Boy Scouts like sweet treats. Most of us have a favorite. Mine is skittles.

But, mom’s won’t let you pork on skittles all the time, so I had to come up with something mom would okay. Trail Mix anybody?

When I mix it up I always pick my own amounts, heavy on the Skittles, please.

The ingredients are the best.

Put white yogurt raisins, salted peanuts, real raisins or dried cranberries, wheat chex cereal, sesame sticks (from the cracker aisle at the grocery store), sunflower seeds (without the shells), a box of teddy grahams, dried banana chips or apple chips, and Skittles in a big bowl and stir them all up. Dish it up a cup at a time in those nifty plastic Ziploc bags your mom tells you not to waste. You’ve got a carry along with you snack that goes anywhere. Mom will approve of this snack almost anytime.

I like these because I can pack several bags of it in my backpack and have a sealed bag of treats anytime I want them. If I choke the air all out of the Ziploc bag (ask your mom to show you how), I can put a lot of bags in the backpack and they don’t get all smooshed up.

Boy Scouts like these snack packs because they can share them on road trips. Boy Scout leaders like these snack packs because the boys can make them by themselves. There’s a lot of ingredients so the whole pack can bring something. They have enough for everybody to take a bag home. There’s still plenty to take on a Road trip.

Don’t tell your mom how much you like this stuff, she’ll figure out it’s not all healthy food and add something like spinach.