Save Money on Your Sweet Treats by Buying in Bulk

Candy used to be a delicacy, now it is a necessity. The average American consumes an astonishing 24.3 pounds of candy each year! Most of these sweet treats are enjoyed during the holidays. According to a recent survey conducted by the Nation Confectioners Associations, 89 percent of adults said they buy candy for special occasions.

Why sweets?

We use the word “treat” to describe candy because it is not something we encounter every day. When enjoyed in moderation, candy can help strengthen family and communal bonds. Don’t believe us? Think about all the holidays where sweets play a central role. There’s Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and Hanukkah.

Candy is distributed in one of three ways: in a dish, handed out, or given in a box, often of chocolates. Keeping candy in a dish may mean you have a sweet tooth, or grandchildren. These shoppers are regular buyers who often have candy on their weekly shopping list. The only problem is that the price of sweets has skyrocketed in recent years.

Only about a year ago, Hershey, the nation’s largest candy maker, announced that they would be raising prices by nearly 10 percent. They were actually ahead of the curve. The entire candy industry is facing huge cost increases for basic ingredients-the cost of sugar has more than doubled in the last year. The price of peanuts and peanut butter has also increased.

Most industry insiders believe that the price of candy will continue to rise until the ingredients candy makers use become more plentiful. Unfortunately, ingredients like sugar, cocoa, and coffee are short supply, which does not bode well for the average candy lover.

How to save

Every day, millions of Americans go out of their way and shop at wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. These stores offer deep discounts because they sell items in bulk quantities. So, instead of buying one package of Ramen noodles, you have to purchase and enormous box that contains 108 packs. Selling in bulk saves the store money on shelving and shipping. The same is true when it comes to candy.

Believe it or not, most candy was sold in bulk form in the old days. People could stop at the local general store and get a big bag of their favorite treats. The cashier would then weigh it to determine the tab. It was not until machines and automation took over the industry that individually wrapped candies caught on.

Because they require more time and energy to produce and they take up more space, these wrapped candies are always more expensive than the unwrapped varieties. Consumers are forced to pay for packaging, even if they don’t want to.

Buying loose candy used to be easy. Most supermarkets had a candy display stand in the sweets section that contained several clear plastic boxes filled with assorted treats. Customers could scoop out as much candy as they wanted and put it in a bag. It was sold by weight, just as it was in the past. Unfortunately, these display stands have disappeared from most supermarkets in recent years. There simply isn’t enough room for them. Therefore, most candy lovers are forced to buy the exorbitantly-priced wrapped variety.

One easy way to save beaucoup bucks on the sweets you crave is to buy them on the internet. Online sellers offer deep discounts over retail stores because they sell and ship items in bulk quantities. Shoppers can purchase their favorite treats by the pound or by the case, if the candy is wrapped. Most online candy sellers even offer shipping discounts for large orders!

When to buy

The great thing about candy is that it does not have a brief expiration date. As long as it is properly stored, most sweet treats can last for months, even years. Candy bars, for instance, can be frozen and then defrosted when needed. This gives frugal shoppers the ability to take advantage of seasonal or holiday sales.

The best time to buy bulk candy is shortly after a major candy-related holiday, like Easter or Halloween. Online sellers that are desperate to unload their leftovers will often offer them at fire-sale prices. The more candy a shopper buys, the more he will save. Look for sellers who offer shipping discounts for big orders.

When buying in bulk, it is important to get the most bang for your buck. Some shoppers actually overbuy just to get a good deal. This doesn’t make much sense, since the excess often goes to waste. In other words, only buy what you need. You will still save money.

Buying bulk candy from online sellers will help you satisfy your sweet tooth for less.