Sweet Treats Under 100 Calories – Perfect Sweets For Your Diet

When on a diet, everything becomes even more tempting, especially the sweets. Some valiantly try to resist the temptation, while others give in too readily. The bad part about inhibiting yourself from eating something you crave is that it can lead to overeating or even food binges. To avoid this, the next time you are craving for something sweet; do not stop yourself from getting your treat. Instead, practice portion control and on top of that, keep these below 100 calories treats near. These perfect treats can have you eating your share of sweets without feeling guilty about your diet. Enjoy!

Sweet Treat                         Calorie Count

Unsweetened Applesauce 1 Medium Sized Banana 1 Dole Fruit Bar 2 A 2 Inch Slice of Sponge cake 1 Jelly beans 15 Fresh Cherries 20 ½ Cup Chocolate Pudding 92 Life Savers 9 Lollipop 22 Canned Mandarin oranges 76 ½ Mango Medium Sized 68 1 Regular Marshmallow 23 2 Pieces of Melba toast 25 1 Cup of Mulberries 61 1 Medium Sized Orange 65 Oyster crackers 33 ½ Papaya Medium Sized 88 1 Whole Peach Medium Sized 37

These are just a few of hundreds of sweet treats that you can have even when you are on a diet. There are hundreds of websites and books that can teach you how to create healthy, low calorie snacks and sweets that will satisfy your palate. Now, remember that portion control is very important. Also, make sure to check the label and the ingredient list. Different producers sometimes have different calorie counts. If you’re really serious about your diet, then be vigilant in what you eat. However, it is important to also give yourself a reward once in a while, and any of the above foods can be a good reward for you. You won’t even gain a single pound!