Sweet Treats With No Guilt

Do you have a sweet tooth and are also trying to diet? Do you feel you must give up great taste in order to achieve your diet goals? No, not necessarily so. Enjoy many of your favorite desserts by improvising a few ingredients. Also, most important is presentation, presentation, presentation.

Many times when you try to diet, you feel you must give up your favorite desserts. Also, many diets do not offer an ample selection of sweet treats. But, rest assured you now can enjoy many of your favorites without the guilt. Low fat, low calorie does not have to mean low taste. Now, before you give up on your diet, try these few suggestions.

Many recipes that include gelatin can be substituted with the sugar free version. A favorite is one small sugar free orange gelatin mixed in the dry form with one small frozen whipped topping. Use your imagination to add your favorites to this basic recipe. Some examples may include fat free cottage cheese, mandarin oranges, or pineapple.

Also, take advantage of the different artificial sweeteners that are available. Make a great tasting pie by mixing one 8 ounce low fat cream cheese with artificial sweetener. Add one 8 ounce sour cream and low fat frozen whipped topping. Pour mixture into a baked, cooled pie crust and enjoy!!! Experiment with this basic recipe by adding fresh fruit or nuts.

Finally, do not skip one of the most important steps in cooking; which is presentation. Even if you are only cooking for yourself, make sure that your dessert is dressed for dinner! Presentation plays a big part in the psychological aspect of any diet plan. Simple garnishes, such as fruit slices, chocolate sauce, or fruit puree can make a dessert that would other wish seem plain become transformed into one more pleasing to the eye and psychologically to the mind. Therefore, also allowing you to enjoy sweet treats without the guilt.

Good luck and enjoy.