Types of Chocolate – Our Favorite Sweet Treat

Chocolate comes from the seed of the Theobroma cacao tree that grows in Mexico, South America, and Central America. Mankind has been eating various forms of this treat for thousands of years. The beans from the cacao tree are fermented to help rid them of their very bitter taste and then they are roasted. Once roasted, the shells are removed and the part left is called cacao nibs.

To make chocolate, the nibs are ground and then liquefied. The resulting product is called chocolate liquor. This liquor can be further separated into cocoa butter and cocoa solids. The various types of chocolate available today are made from varying proportions of liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa solids. Milk and sugar along with other flavorings are also added.

Baking chocolate has a strong bitter taste. It is made from the liquor which is added to a fat so it solidifies into a block form. This is the type used to bake cookies, cakes, and brownies. The semi-sweet variety is also used in cooking and is made from cacao, fat, and a very low amount of sugar. Dark Chocolate is made from cacao, fat, and sugar, while milk chocolate is made from cacao, fat, sugar, and milk. White chocolate is made with cocoa butter, nutmeg, and powdered sugar. It contains no cocoa solids.

Many types of candies and desserts are made from this popular sweet food. Ingredients such as peanuts, caramel, and fruit are often added to the mix in order to create tasty little treats. These are often sold in gift boxes or gourmet gift baskets. They are popular to give as gifts on holidays like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

These sweets are some of the first that we are introduced to as kids so most of us develop a life long love of this confection. That is why they make a perfect gift, even for people that are difficult to shop for. Hardly anyone would not like a nice box of delectable sweet treats.

It is easy to find sweets like candy bars at any type of store but to find true gourmet candy, you have to really look around. In fact, candy of high quality can be difficult to find. The best place to shop for them is over the internet where the selection is nearly limitless.

There are many types of chocolate and all kinds of candies and treats that can be made from them that range from the very sweet to the strong and bitter. You will find a variety that few other foods are able to deliver and that’s why so many people are in love with this treat.